3 Ways to Start Your Speech

April 2, 2021

Hey Friend…the former teacher in me is obsessed with the start of a speech. Why? Because…if you can capture your audience from the beginning, it makes it easier to hold their attention until the ending, and here’s how I typically start my talks:

1. I start with an activity—some sort of ice breaker that is going to get the audience going and up off their feet, mixing and mingling.

2. I start with a question—something related to the topic that is going to get the audience reflecting and in the right frame of mind to discuss the topic of the day. Sometimes this requires norm setting depending on the topic.

3. I start with a quote, or story, or something about me that connects me with the audience. Something that speaks to a commonality that we share and the very thing that is bringing us together.

All three are quick trust building ways to start your speech and trust building is necessary when speaking.

Well friend…we have come to the end. But don’t forget…it takes 21 days to form a habit and speaking is no different. So start your speaking biz today and be on your way to getting paid.