3 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

February 5, 2021

Hey Friend…fear is normal and natural but with these three strategies you can learn how to not only control it but channel it:

1. Improv—improv was such a fun way to practice speaking in a safe space. It also taught me how to think on my feet, which is necessary when speaking. Plan A doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to rely on B and C, and learning improv allows you to do all three. So head to Google and find the local improv shop in your city.

2. Adjunct lecturing or substitute teaching—adjunct lecturing at the local university or substitute teaching at the local K-12 school is another way to practice speaking and lesson planning. Both allow you to command a room, develop your speaking voice and practice audience engagement skills. All of which are great skills to have when speaking. And just so you know…I am not telling you something I don’t know. I substitute taught for a semester, taught 8th grade science for 2 years and adjunct lectured at Wash U for a year so I am speaking from experience. All pun intended.

3. Toastmasters or something similar—truth…I have never done Toastmaster’s or even been to a meeting, but I hear great things about it. It is on my to do list and from their website, it sounds marvelous. They have table topics, speaker awards and more to help you practice your speaking, and decrease your use of filler words. I really wish I could speak more on it but that’s all I got friend. Just Google them.

Well friend…we have come to the end. But don’t forget…it takes 21 days to form a habit and speaking is no different. So start your speaking biz today and be on your way to getting paid.