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The course you’ve all been asking and pushing me to complete is complete!!! The diySPEAKER START course and workbook teaches you how to get paid to speak from START to sustainability. The purchase of this course includes a 3-hour live intensive with me and a 60-page workbook with six interactive modules. We will go through each module during the intensive and by the end, you’ll know how to:

—> articulate your topic and target audience

—> make your topic relevant and identify your customer segment

—> maximize your speaker credibility and differentiate yourself from the competition

—> pitch yourself to speak and write your signature speech

In addition, you will learn how to create and formulate your speaker bio and value proposition, a call for speaker pitch and a target customer list. Our upcoming intensives are Saturday, May 1st and June 5th from 10am to 1:30pm and they will be virtual. Please share the date that works best for you at checkout in the order notes. Workbooks ship within 72-hours of purchase. See you online; testimonies and sneak peek below!!!

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Keisha prepares you with EVERYTHING you need to START and be legitimate enough to get paid bookings AND have value in your speaking engagements. Based on today, I could do a Ted Talk or write a book on my signature topic just from the gems and tools in this one session.

Don’t have a signature topic? You’ll have one within the first 30 minutes of this workshop. One that’s customized and true to your passion and expertise. If you’ve ever wanted to break into speaking or level up as a speaker—runnnnnnnnnnnn to sign up, don’t hesitate!!!

This is the best speaking seminar I’ve EVER attended with major keys left and right. Typically you’d need several different events to receive the value she’s giving you in this ONE.

I wanted to circle back with you because I learned SO MUCH from a single conversation with you about getting speaking engagements. I recently signed an $8,500 speaking deal with a prestigious university, and I was reminded that I used the tips you shared. So I’m sending this email to say thank you, remind you of the impact that you have, and that the course you’re creating is so needed.

Keisha, your mind is a movement. I’m blown away by the value you add, the insight you offer and how much work you’ve invested into your gift. My brain is still trying to absorb the beauty of this morning. I’m truly honored to get a glimpse of this greatness.

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