List of 300+ Event Sponsors


A curated list of 300+ brands who sponsor events compiled from days of searching hundreds of event webpages. This list takes the guesswork out of event sponsorship and instead of wasting time looking for sponsors, you can now use your time to perfect your pitch. Whether you are a speaker looking to host your own event or an event planner who books speakers in need of event sponsorship—this list is for you. Download today and take your event sponsorship pain away.

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1). A lot of sponsors have a specific place on their website to inquire about sponsorship and submit requests. To get here, I usually type sponsorship in the site’s search bar or scroll to the very bottom of the site’s homepage and click on the contact us link. If I cannot find a specific place to submit a sponsorship request, I call or submit a general request.

2). Don’t forget about the local office in your region. Local offices for national brands have marketing budgets for sponsorship and oftentimes have more of a vested interest in your local event than the national office.

3). Prepare a great pitch deck. And if you have questions about what to put in it, reference this. Note: some companies do not like to be called sponsors. They prefer the term partner and instead of sponsoring at a specific level, some companies prefer to fund a specific budgeted line item i.e., internet, breakfast, etc.

4). Build the relationship before you need it and it will be there when needed. My favorite relationship-building hack for sponsorship can be found here.

5). Follow-up, follow-through and follow-up some more. Sponsors are busy so you will more than likely have to reach out several times before you get a response. With this said, you’ll want to start your sponsorship pitching at least 8-10 weeks before your event.