heyFRIEND Flashcards




heyFRIEND Flashcards are THE perfect convo-starter icebreaker to help you make friends in a flash. To play, pass out the cards at your next event and take turns asking and answering the questions with old and new friends. You can even use a timer for a game of speed connections. Note: each deck comes with 50 cards. #heyFRIEND



Last night we played the icebreaker #heyFRIEND by Keisha Mabry and it led to so many giggles, ah ha moments and reflections. Will definitely be incorporating these into all future mixers. –Jamila

These cards had my friends and I nearly in tears at our pool party. They are icebreakers and affirmations all in one. –J. Marie

We played these at Werk.Pray.Slay and they were the perfect way to start conversations. –Dani

Purchased 10 decks at Renae Bluitt’s Holiday Bizarre for all my friends back home in the Bahamas. We can’t wait to play! –Jamie

These cards stay with me, in my pocket, 24/7 and are perfect when out and about networking. –Sherry

We don’t connect for purpose our purpose is to connect and Keisha’s heyFRIEND Flashcards are perfect for just that. –Camille

Just played heyFRIEND by Keisha Mabry and it was such a fun icebreaker game. –Cierra

I got my flashcards and they were perfect for my girl’s night out! –Porcha

Our event was made even more amazing because of Keisha’s heyFRIEND Flashcards today. –Stacey

Thank you Keisha for my heyFRIEND Flashcards…they are going to be perfect for my next girls night in. –Dionna

You can’t have a girl’s night without heyFRIEND Flashcards. –Danielle

The “I Love Me Self Care Pop-Up” will be breaking the ice with heyFRIEND Flashcards. –Val

Got my cards today and you should get yours! –Trina

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