List of 100+ Events to Pitch


A curated list of 100+ events to pitch compiled from days of googling keywords and searching hundreds of hashtags. This list is perfect for speakers who want to speak, vendors who want to vend and attendees who want to attend. Long gone are the days of wasting your time looking for the perfect list of events—you’ve found it! Now go perfect your pitch and pitch. And if you need some assistance—check out our START Speaker Accelerator + Workbook. It’s the perfect course for speakers who want to finetune their pitch, topic and target audience.

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1). Research the event before you pitch and take a look at the types of speakers and vendors they typically book.

2). Align what you do or sell with the problems/goals they have and the problems/goals their audience has. Note: if you are a speaker and need assistance with pitching, you should totally join us at START.

3). Build the relationship before you need it and it will be there when needed. My favorite relationship-building hack for events is to volunteer. It’s a great way to meet the decision-maker firsthand and to learn about the ins and outs of the event. But, more than anything, I truly believe when you give before you get everything you’re wanting will be gifted.

4). Follow-up, follow-through and follow-up some more. Event planners are busy so you will more than likely have to reach out several times before you get in touch with them.